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Passport To Blackness

Within These Walls
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The Rights Of Passage

Romeo And Juliet

Author Jacqueline Amos




Oh thy Romeo I sit before the fire that you shall

Embrace the tears that sat before me.

I have given all that I can but your darkness continues

to flood me with tears. I have given thee the greatest love in thee,

As the greatest love in me.

Through the darkness of the night, I hold my pillow tight.


Oh where, Oh where are thou my Romeo the flames are outing,

And thy heart slowly beats for your return my king.

The waters are opening and the trees cries, the mountains are limp.

And there are no blue clouds, forsaken thou family tree, believing in thee, oh where, oh where are thou my Romeo.



I bond that my dignity would enhance the prophecies of womanhood.

For every breath that I breathe supplements my conscious of my family tree.

Thy word is thy bond which is ordained within the conscious of thy  freedom to deliver King and Queens. My oath to my God that breathe breath upon my lungs,

That nations of my seed shall be loyal upon his words.


I sit upon the darkness with child, as you thou Romeo has hidden

within the dark, for there shall be no hidden place for thee.

As life continues to grow within thy womb.



Visioning man theories of what is right.
Pleading of a thousand souls,
listen as they roam upon the night.
cries death to belligerency.
The faceless tribes,
imbibing the draught of hypocrisy.
 darkness that sets upon the earth.



Oh thy Romeo hear my plead, for I have given all that I can give.

You have abandon all my hopes and dreams.

Oh where, Oh where are thou, my Romeo.










Blood On The Back Stair Case

The gun shots that ringed out, thy son who has passed on.
Blood that runs from his mouth.
Thy have killed my brother.
The darkness upon his face,
the flash of life cycling the injustice of another day,
as the tears that laid upon his face.
Gun shots through the night another king has been splayed.
The smell of urine upon his head, the body that laid dead.
The scream of Mother Universe.
The drums began to play another warrior has passed on.
Thou have killed his brother.

The trees scream, as the leaves began to fall,
The high tides of the rivers turned to blood.
Thou have killed his brother.
Obvious of injustice the fury of the beast has return.
The roaring of voices that centered around, as the spirit of the caucus rise,,
he stated the dead is not dead I shall return.

The transformation of a king.
A man with a thousand voices, like the cover of a book, the content within changes the world. Freedom of expressions, quoted by dreams. A mind that refuses to be converted shall not be silence to hope. The death of my brother blood on the back stair case,
With blood running from his mouth.
The source of the battle ground of a darken soul,
Who refused to link, hoping of a better understanding when he returns. You have killed my body, but my spirit shall return.

Siren lights criminals on patrol, wrapped up like a peace of meat, waiting to be stuffed and burned.
Asiatic Black man elements of the earth.
Thou have killed my brother.








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