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Passport To Blackness

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Black Woman Warrior

 I have travel where no one
may have gone. I have stepped
of the world and looked down
within, nevertheless I walked alone
through the storm and pray
for my sanity each and every day to

the torture chambers
To the Court House
To the House of disable
To the Spoken Words
The Journey To My
Fathers House.

Jacqueline Amos
a rebel for humanities
which left her
disable, But
her favorite words
is capable.
Jacqueline was
beaten and robbed in her classroom because
she refused
to be silence in the
maltreatment of her young children in the classroom.

She took a beaten rather
than run and leave
her children
In the classroom
she silently felt
the wounds that sat
upon the cross. She
never left the
classroom as
her children looked on.
Her words was I am
already dead, but my
spirit lived on.
Thanks to the childrens
parents the assailants ran .

Her statement was
they can break my legs,
beat me down
But they cannot
silence truth.
I am my fathers keeper.
Nevertheless the tragedy Jacqueline experience
massive injuries
ended her career in education which she truly love.

The breath of life that
I consume upon thy
shell of a limped body,
that slowly gasps for
air out of
an Inheritance to live,
within the Universe,
for whom that resides
within my tomb,
shall feel the breath
of life.
I shall continue to
speak through the
spirit that flows within,
the will to give
and to make justice
prevail even the darkness
that centers my space
of life.

I saw the angel that
sat before me it
stood silent
as the spirit spoke
I grant you a brand new life.
Depress, oppress,
fuelled with fear.
These were the darkest
times in her life.

I consume the thought
of the angel
She then decided she
had to paint.
From then own the
angel touched her hands.
The spirit that
flowed through the
then flowed through her.
They took my strength but God
granted me a new life.

Jacquelines reward
then became the miracles
of life.

Jacqueline Amos has
taught for 25 years.
Jacqueline the Noumi
Arts Black Collections, International World
Wide Director of Missions.

International Faith

of Restoration Ordained
Minister; she has
lectured at Medgar
Evers College,
Public Schools, and Universities. Jacqueline
Amos has spent her
life giving. Whether
it is her services
to programs for
children, or donating
her Art to the
children of the
Village of the Assin
Kruwa Ghana to be
auctioned for schoolhouse
with the proceeds to
be given to the village

Jacqueline Amos has always contributed

her life to the good will of human life.

Jacquelines states: Let the windows open ,

and the love will be shouted, from the rooftop,

 where men and women reside. In the name

 of God feel the spirits as the blessings of the

 highest gives me a message to deliver.

 Let unity be the key to the mouths of all men.

I am the tool and take no glory in what ever I do.

 The blessings that touch my hands come

through the highest king. Let the spirit feel

 your heart. I write the words of wisdom and love.

 The words of the prophets, I hope they will

 touch your heart. I hope the contents of my

words open the doors. Man is nothing without God.

 I hope to bring beauty and truth.

Jacqueline states I wish I had the supplies

as an artist to fur full my mission from God.

I have been summons to touch a heart

through love shall bring peace.


  • Every spoken word the truth that will open the doors to wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Jacqueline honored Queen Mother Moore who walked among many as Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, and many other civil rights leaders for justice. Jacqueline awarded her with a painting on her 97th birthday. "In My Mothers House". Jacqueline Amos honored Queen Winnie Mandela with a gift from the Artist of the United States, one of her own paintings "In my Fathers House". Victoria Theater of Harlem. Historical Archive. Many Collectors holds Jacqueline Amos paintings, and works of poetry, doctors, lawyers, judges, banks, churches, hospitals, actors, and historical archives. Williamsburg Historical Society.



  • Alumni Association, Humanitarian Services Award/Recognition Filipino and American People, Museum of Modern Art Brooklyn Museum, John F. Kennedy Performing Art /International World Wide Artist, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Arts and Culture Harlem State Building Arts and Culture, Brooklyn Council for the Arts, American Arts for famous Artist, International World Wide Directory of Artist, Schaumburg Library of Black Studies, Proclamation Borough. President, Olympic Visions of Harlem, Medgar Evers College Archive Collections, Plaque Rhythm and Blues Singer, Silvestre World Wide Registry, International Library of Poetry, Black Poets Society, Black Writers Organization
  • One million Womens Movement, Independent Living Gallery, 18 one-woman shows, Outstanding Award in Teaching /Medgar Evers College, Black Enterprise, Press, Journals, Media, Books, International Merit Award Poetry.Com Advocate for people who are
    NAPC Net Judges International Poetry Competitions, BCAT Television The Biography of Jacqueline Amos, Radio Round Table, Medgar Evers College Round Table Radio,
    City College Radio, City College Archives, Freedom Fund Foundation, Abdul Dialio Artist Archives , 5 International T.V. Shows Biography , Published Book In My Fathers House.



Author Jacqueline Amos
Lulu Publishing

In My Fathers House
First printing
ISBN: 1-59129-603-X
Printed in the
United States of America

Book published
with Publish America


718- 455-0289
City: Brooklyn N.Y.
State/Country: N.Y. U.S


In this book the
author brings sources of life,
Under the sacred order of Black

 Women. The symbol
Black Madonna and
the baby Jesus
the mother of Christ.
Releasing the acts of faith.
The life lines from the heavens,

flowing though the earth.
The rights of rebirth. Insights

 of ancestral retreat.
The symbol of the black King.

Truth shall not be silence.
The light that drapes upon

 the sacred vine yard,
the creations of
black women.
I the link between
heavens and earth.
I the foot steps that
man may lead
I the heart beat
when my king
Heart skips a beat.

I the black woman mother
I the black woman
shall carry her crown
within the laws
Of Gods words.
Harvesting the spirits.
Maintaining words from God.
This book will enable you

to break free from beliefs
That man set before the table.
Hate me, be me, a
hero is nothing
but a sandwich if truth is silence.

Wisdom is the power to know,

 and the ability to receive,
Loving ones self, the ability to

 humble, listening to the
spoken words, given back in return,

the observation of truth,
inner peace, and respect for the universe.
I the mind, the womb of women,

I the womb of creations, I the
legacy of Gods spoken words.

All rights reserved