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Passport To Blackness

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The Tsunami  the screams of the sea, the

sea's are crying; it has revealed the voice of God;

 oh glory to thee.

Never seen in this  world order before, let every man kneel, let every tongue confess; who is your God? Thy almighty said he will steal from

the cradle before he let Satan

Claim his universe. The changing of the

season do any man know the reason?

In the days of the almighty Jesus,

the sea’s gathered up the people

And wash them away. The testament

has now become ten fouls.

So man who hides behind the mask

and says God is not God alone.

Who will you serve when satin goes back to hell?

Oh what a bitter taste of brim, the old mighty God has struck again.

It was written in Blood that Jesus has returned.

Beware of your brother you will not know the face he may return again.

There will be no bargaining when Jesus has summons his plea. …..


Black Womans Journey



Angry Black Woman Nobody Knows My Name

Let A Black Woman Speak




In this book the author speaks from the soul; “Let A Black Woman Speak” To live to love,

to sing to pray, to live to dye;

The soul of women  "I Shall Walk

Through The Foot Prints."

I walk within the footprints; to lead me across the sea

I walk through the foot prints I pledge oh God

 my wings  the purity of heaven, the waters of purification, the mountain of mastery the scripts of life has been fulfill the source of wisdom, written in the blood; The death shall only bring the sweet taste of life,


The holy sand that rise upon my feet.

The robe of spirit flays upon my eyes

The doves that flies upon my head.

Oh thy glory to Jesus

The foot prints in the sand.

My feet do not fit but I shall continue;

to walk until I rise upon the skies.

There shall be no more darkness

Where I live, I walk the sanctuary of the footprints

That lies upon thy almighty palace of gates.

I have transform in the foot prints that

I stand; I see heaven through my eyes.

There is no more bleeding fountain

I have walked in the footprints.

Author Jacqueline Amos 

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