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Passport To Blackness

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Brother man I stand before the righteous table, before you enterMy brother’s house of able, may you render your passport of stable.

The man with black face stood before the table said brother man Can you see the pigment of my skin? there is know doubt my skin is black sable.


Sorry my brother under the patriot act,

 a new document of order

Given by the asheacti warrior, a passport is needed to

Enter the house of warriors. And the scheme of a heartless soul, labor my conscious unfold, and reduce my seed until a limbo tree that sucks the blood from the vein it lives, oh but the shrewd soul of death, but I shall live upon the emancipation of the lord, Oh come your army upon my death, nor will a brave man choose to live when he I shall rise before the morning seek The sight of your eyes, Your men court of death, your wipes that touch the ebony of my skin, like a drunken scavenger who repeats the pain of his guts, the sun shall rise in the morning I shall beat you before the pull of your ropes to a paradise that cannot be dictated by the earthly devils who subside by my death,



Weep no more
Passport please their shall be no entrance
By the color of skin.
Until the forces of satan is gone
Black man justice shall be know more
Passport please what makes you a black man
And what have you given to earn your passport. 
 Can you prove your resistance of a Blackman inheritance?

There shall be no duplication are copy transcript of formatted disclosures.

The laws have been up graded who is the black warrior

Women who wear black face shall know longer

Enter my fathers house if their pass port is not in order.


But yet I stand before the block of slavery, I stand tall as a man

In this emergent time of glory, the supplier of the darkness that states

I am not a man, but oh yea through this bristle furnace, I shall survive, in the Evolutions of tomorrow, the DNA shall reveal who is the black Messiah Branded in my blood, I HAVE no doubt whom I stand, for the emancipation of the doctrinarian stands in the scripts written in blood, the fancy of the brutal constitution that dictates my fate as a man, only the carcass that covers the frame Of a embolism that stands before the earthly Gods, my destiny shall be circled With the angels upon the sky, my fortunes shall sit carved in gold,

My destiny was set forth to prove my

 Emancipation by the old mighty God;


Before entering my house of blackness

May I please see your past poor

Your words are meaningless

Your dress is gain you know points in my fathers house

Your ghetto language shall only send you to hell

Your spineless cries will send you back to the

Earthly Gods, there is no spineless assumptions

That enters my Fathers house.


You must earn 6 points to stand upon

The table of black ness


Mother of Blackness





The Almighty that lives within

Your circle of heart

Must be proven when you

Honor the seeds that you bring forth


Passport Of Blackness




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